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Oil Paintings



     I am in the process of painting a series of featured-color still-life's.       

     My next two paintings will be of old things, and a large white vase.

     Also, a few smaller paintings are interjected between large painting projects.  


(Placing a gem in each painting has become my trademark)
White Pitcher Wood Base Painting finishe
Colarder and Pears   018.JPG
"Study in White"   16"X20"    $1,150.00

A friend gave me some of his fresh eggs and I wanted to paint them, so gleaned several white objects from around the house and this painting emerged.

Pumpkins 2019 055.JPG
16"X20"   $1,150.00
"Colander and Pears"  14"X18"  $1,150.00

This painting was the cause of my again being serious about my art work.  I was given some grapes and pears and got out the colander to wash them in.  As I kept looking at it, I felt drawn to paint it.  So, this was the beginning of many of the paintings on this site.

Study in Red-Oil 025.JPG
"Study in Red with Antique Fabrics"  16"x20"       SOLD

This painting has a story:  Because I crocheted a pumpkin out of yarn, one yarn ball 'grew' a stem

to pretend it was a pumpkin, too.  Hence the title "Pumpkins."

Study in Blue  Framed   Cropped  7-28-20
"Study in Blue" 
16"X20"     $1,150.00

Thrift shop hunting for 'blue' I found this great blue lace runner (turned out to be most difficult to paint) and blue vase.  Then, my friend loaned me a perfume bottle.  I added my cousin's daughter's ceramic creation called "lil' Grape".  And the candle was just 'hanging' around my home.

The story behind this painting is this:  I knewmy next painting was going to be a red one, but what to put in it.  I looked through my fabrics and found  two pieces of French lace my grandfather brought home from France after WWI as examples to build a lace import business, but business fell off.  Then I found a handkerchief my mother, Cheridah the First, practiced embroidering her name on when she was sixteen.  

Study in Green  12-2020 016.JPG
"Study in Green"   
16"X20"     $1,150.00

It was fun planning this painting.  My friend loaned me the tall cloisonne  jar and other green objects. It's a good study in light on and through glass,  metal and satin.

Study in Pink  Finished  Paintings & Min
      "Study in Pink"   
     16"X20"      $1,150.00

Notice the heart on the bear's foot? and the heart pillow on the wall?  Matches?  The little horse box and hand mirror came from a dear friend.  I crocheted the tassel on the wall.


"Study in Metals"

16"X20"     $1,150.00

This painting was a great challenge

to paint silver, gold, copper and brass

and all those reflections!

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