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Welcome to My Site

     Most of the pen and ink drawings on this page are drawn from the photos I took in Jerusalem, Israel when I lived there for three years.  I returned to the U.S. and I now live in Gardnerville, Nevada.  
     The materials used in these drawings are of museum quality.  I am offering limited editions of all pen & Inks.  I would love for you to enjoy one of my "memories of Jerusalem." ( I made a watercolor painting out of one of the pictures.)
     I work in other mediums, also, such as:  Oils (16x20), Watercolor (9x12 and Graphite 9x12. 
     View my drawings and paintings below and other pages listed at the top.     ENJOY


Pen & Ink Drawings    (All Pictures:  8 1/2 x 11 in mats & frames of 11 x 14)

Arched Alcove, Jerusalem7    015.JPG
"Arched Alcove, Jerusalem7  


Back Yards, Jerusalem1   010.JPG
"Jerusalem Backyard," Jerusalem1


Elder in the Gate, Jerusalem4   012.JPG
"Elder in the Gate," Zion Gate, Jerusalem4


Old City Street, Arab Ladies, Arches, Je
"Old City Street/Arab Ladies/Arches & Vern," Jerusalem2  2007


St. Anne's Couryard Balcony, Jerusalem6
Derelict House, Jericho 2006 009.JPG
"Derelict House in Jericho" 2007
"Balcony St. Anne's Court,"Jerusalem6  2007


Dome of the Spirit   Matted 5-2019 001.jpg

"Dome of the Spirit" Jerusalem 5 
On the Temple Mount.  

"View of the Wall," Jerusalem 9
How visitors and Israelites access the Temple Mount 

Look for my "Trademark"----[a gem of some sort] in each painting.

White Pitcher Wood Base Painting finishe
"Study in White" 2019, 16"x20"


Here are some of my 'favorite things' in white, even an egg shell.

Colarder and Pears   018.JPG
   "Colander & Pears"   14"x18

This painting just happened.  I brought home the grapes and pears, put the grapes in the colander and the pears on the table and my gosh! a set-up sprang to life.  So, I had to paint it, yes?  Add my favorite cloisonne piece and my trade mark bead and there you have it--20 hours later.

Pumpkins 2019 055.JPG
"Pumpkins," 2019,  16"x20"


I was given this pumpkin after I crocheted the little one with its leaves.  Look at the cheeky little red yarn ball claiming to be a pumpkin with it's 'stem', too.

Study in Red-Oil 025.JPG
"Study in Red"  14 X 18


Included in this painting are fabrics embroidered by my mother, Cheridah Butterfield Geldert and a sample of hand-made lace from France during the first world war.

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